~ Wednesday, February 6 ~

Two weeks ago, I walked through the doors of Wieden + Kennedy in Portland and directly into my friend Jason.

We caught up for a second before he said: “Oh hey, do you sculpt? I need sculptors.”

I said no, because I am not a sculptor. Then we parted ways. 

That night, I though to myself: “Wait, I’m a sculptor, why am I not a sculptor?” I hadn’t sculpted since high school art class, but I was sure I could do it. Probably. Right?

Actually, I wasn’t sure I could do it. I was very skeptical about my sculpting abilities. But somehow over the past few months, I’ve either been thrown or thrown myself squarely out of my comfort zone. It’s weird out here. I need to embrace that as fully as possible.

So, I emailed Jason and told him that yes, I am a sculptor.

That’s when he told me I’d be sculpting with Oreos.

I’m writing this after my third full day of sculpting with Oreo cookie and cream. I am exhausted. Parts of me smell amazing. Other parts don’t.

At no point in the past 72 hours did I know what I was doing. And it was a blast.

Above, you’ll find my best sculptures and one picture of me freaking out that 8,000 people liked on Instagram . Please enjoy them.

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